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China Foreign Chemicals and Instruments is authorized to become an exclusive distributor in Asia of Super Vacuum Manufacturing Company, Inc. in Loveland, Colorado.

We are dealing with an import and export of variety products.Medical equipments, chemical and mechanical instruments, industrial and agricultural machines and a lot more. And we are proud to say that we are the biggest lab and site test instruments supplier in China.

We started by year 1988 and we are one of the trusted and leading distributing company not just here in Local China wherein currently we have 9 sales offices on different places here, but also in some part of Asia such as in Manila, Philippines.

すべてのお問い合わせ、ご提案、コメント、あるいは雇用のアプリケーション info@supervac.biz上で送信してください。
China Foreign Chemicals and Instruments
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Xicheng Dist. Beijing, China
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